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"Creative and inspirational learning."

Dr Duncan James

The Wildlife Travel Guide helps you enjoy nature and the environment.

Enjoy fun and sociable partner dancing quickly and easily with ticket2dance.

UPmaths is topic-based maths learning.

Tcal offers easy-to-use, audit-friendly calibration of data loggers.

"You are amazing. I see my job as helping you unlock that amazingness."

Dr Duncan James

Long-billed Hermit Feeding in Costa Rica (YouTube)

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"Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards."


Cha-Cha Demo Dance (YouTube)

I have two day jobs to pay the bills (I don't make a living from the books and videos yet). I work as a Maths Tutor in Poole and I run the specialist scientific business Tcal.

Picture of calibration in progress.

Calibration of a data logger using Tcal software.

Latest news from Duncan's blog! April 13th 2017: Tcal version 3.00 Released

"Learn to enjoy life."

Dr Duncan James

Marmot Watch in the Alps, France (YouTube)

Sections on storytelling, history and critical thinking & waffly ramblings are on the way to complete the transformation of my website into an "entertainingly educational" destination. (Particularly for those a little bit tired of "entertainingly misleading" content on the internet.)

How to Find the Area of a Triangle 5 Different Ways (UP3) (YouTube)

I used to make games content. This continues with narrative gaming content in my storytelling section and occasional Ingress videos.

"Yesterday I told a chicken to cross the road. It said, 'what for?'"

Steven Wright

"Is Zen best? As well as living in the moment should we also enjoy reflecting on moments from the past and anticipating the future?"

based on ideas developed from Saint Augustine

"Advanced civilisations may be much easier for beings approximately the size of humans."

paraphrasing F W Went "The Size of Man" in American Scientist, Vol. 56, No. 4 (winter 1968), pp. 400-413

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